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Payment Processing

We serve hundreds of happy customers and understand that each one is unique. We make it our business to understand yours; that way we can tailor a processing solution based on your individual needs. AAG Financial Services aligns itself with many different processors to allow us to have maximum flexibility to serve our clients. We will work with you to find the right POS software, gateway integration or mobile payment options. We also work with hundreds of API developers so your processing can integrate with your CRM System, ERP System or Accounting Software. With our experience and expertise, you can trust our team to provide the support you need.

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B2B / B2G / eCommerce

Whether you are an eCommerce business accepting payments through your website or a Manufacturer, Distributor, Supplier or Business Service Company accepting payments over the phone, we are experts in the card-not-present sales transactions. Our team will provide a seamless payment process for your end customers that fully integrates with your existing accounting solution. Some of the key features include:

Auto Level 2 / 3 Processing

Online Gateway Integration

Shopping Cart Solutions

Email / Text Links to Pay

AR Automation / Tracking

CRM / ERP Integration

Accounting Integration

Full PCI Compliance

Recurring Billing

CC and ACH Acceptance

Payments Taken Your Way

We understand that no two businesses are alike, so we strive to offer the most comprehensive and flexible payment processing options. We provide our customers the option to choose which solution works best for their business, whether it be online, mobile, or in-person, no matter your preferred method of transacting, we have the solution.


EMV Terminals



Credit Card Payment

POS Systems

Mobile Phone


Online shopping


On the Phone

Phone / Email / Invoice 

Want To Eliminate

Processing Fees?

We understand processing fees can kill profits. Our team focuses on providing solutions that allow our clients to either greatly reduce or completely eliminate processing fees.

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